This work is a bit #NSFW and may contain adult content
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HOUSE OF KILLING feat Esben Holk

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Year: 2018

About This Work

HOUSE OF KILLING feat Esben Holk is an avid online entity: a posthuman queer cyborg* 1) a hybrid of ontologically uncertain strategy and desperate digital metaphor/ intentionally lost from meaning and inaccurately displaced into the war on naturalist essentialism. “Didn’t I tell u I was content redistribution?”, I asked and continued a practice of constant popcultural etymological reference, digital content and naive utopian faith in the revolutionary agency of our digital bodies.

We made this tutorial for all posthuman bodies lost on the internet and in reference; to all queers who’s been removed from ontological certainty- and who, more than anything have the ability to destroy this world.


HOUSE OF KILLING is a house that kills. It is an undefined flexible anarchist queer collective, put into this world to kill ideas, structures, dreams and realities, and promote a generation of undefined flexible queer youth; able and willing to do whatever the fuck they want. The house shows work across Europe and America, with shows at Museum of Human Achievement TX, Landmark Bergen Kunsthal NO, KET TV Athens and many more.

Esben Holk is a BFA graduate with a background in online performance strategies, creative coding and browser based experiences. < they, and many more, r HOUSE OF KILLING.

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