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Wesley Dowling

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Country: Australia
Year: 2018

About This Work

Flow works best using Google Chrome on a desktop computer. A webcam is required to function.

Use the mouse to disperse pixels. Press the mouse button to reform image.

Flow is an interactive web project that explores the fluid malleability of the electronic image by transforming the homogeneous generality of the digital screen into flowing abstraction.   The work captures the image of the viewer and then deforms it using physics modeling of fluid mechanics. Through this project I was interested in queering the photographic medium by distorting the camera’s visual taxonomies through which people are recognized and regulated into abstraction that can be manifested without recourse to the representation of bodies.

Wesley Dowling is a Melbourne-based emerging artist whose work encompasses projection, installation, and interactive digital media. He creates site-responsive installations that investigate the characteristics of electronic images.  His practice of exploring the qualities of the electronic image is a response to the technological changes within photography in the last 20 years, and the move from the print to virtual screen based mediums. Within his practice, he is researching how the body of the viewer can activate, interact or complete a projection based or online work utilizing image capture and interactive software tools.  Recent projects such as Proof 2018 considers the fluid malleability of the electronic image by creating images of viewers that emerge out of clouds of random data noise. Wesley is currently a honours candidate in Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) at RMIT. His work has been exhibited galleries and public spaces such as West Projections (Melbourne 2018) and Testing Grounds (Melbourne 2018).

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