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Alayna Cole

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Country: Australia
Year: 2016

About This Work

Snapshot is a semi-autobiographical “snapshot” of my journey towards realising and accepting my sexuality. The game encourages you to explore the bedroom of a teenage girl, with each interaction unlocking the next section of narrative. The game emphasises the importance of the media we consume in the formation of our identities, even in ways we don’t completely understand.

Alayna Cole is the managing director of Queerly Represent Me, a not-for-profit championing queer representation in games. Alayna is also an associate producer at Defiant Development, co-chair of the IGDA LGBTQ+ special interest group, and is an award-winning games journalist and game developer. She was featured on the 2016 and 2017 MCV Pacific 30 under 30, and the 2017 MCV Pacific Women in Games lists.

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