Artist Name:

Fengyi Franklin Zhu

Title of Work:

Walking Down the L Train

Country: USA
Year: 2016

About This Work

It was a couple days later after I was notified that The L train (NYC Subway Line) is going to shut down for maintenance, I decided to walk through the entire train because maybe by the time it is back in service again I will no longer live in Williamsburg. I never walked through a subway train in New York because each carriages is not directly connected and instead there is a door in between. This piece fictionally documented my entire process.

As re-generated by the computer again, the actual walk I did in the L train was unpredictably given another look and tone, which add another layer to this whole experience like a queer prothesis.


The videos, websites and sculptures of Brooklyn-based Fengyi Zhu use digital coding to create kinetic, digitally abstract and surreal works. The format, motion and aesthetic of Fengyi’s work derives from reweighing culture and times that he has been involved in by recreating recognizable and metaphorical objects and creatures through digital mediums.


Shown IRL at

31 January - 22 March 2018
RMIT Bld 94 Lv 2 Rm 2, 23-27 Cardigan St, Carlton
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