Artist Name:

Metaverse Makeovers ®

Title of Work:

Metaverse Nails

Country: Australia
Year: 2015

About This Work

Metaverse Makeovers® <>(MM) is a world-first hologram brand.

Through the prism of diversity, MM actively envision and shape the emergent realm of the Metaverse. We invent and bring to market futuristic Augmented Reality fashion collections, magical hologram products, and immersive experiences for the mobile generation.

Our interdisciplinary team comprises artists, technologists, designers, developers, marketers, and industry partners. Our approach is always 100% femmetech and artist-made.

MM’s first magical patent-pending product is – Metaverse Nails <> – collectible fashion accessories powered by a 3D social game app; triggering fantastical holograms you can wear,
play, snap, and share.

Metaverse has always believed in powering up diversity and fluid identities with the transformative potential of artist-made holograms. Our origin story as an artist-led creative technology company has been about building our platform and collaborating with gender diverse babes to wear,  adorn, and augment their bodies with 3D.

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Shown IRL at

31 January - 22 March 2018
RMIT Bld 94 Lv 2 Rm 2, 23-27 Cardigan St, Carlton
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17 - 23 January 2018
1 City Road, Southbank
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6:30pm Friday 2 February 2018
Federation Square
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