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Katherine Corcoran

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Country: Australia
Year: 2017

About This Work

The work syncs the embodied with the simulated and considers modes of existing and desiring that splinter from the norm. Investigating the potential for queer subjectivity and atypical modes of desire to be explored as virtual centres of power, it looks towards a subtle body politic and mindful contemplation where queerness can reveal utopian ideals. A flesh that flows, a sound that fucks, a platonic hard on.


Katherine Corcoran is a Sydney based artist who works with a diverse range of mediums including sculpture, photography, collage, performance, installation and video. She has been the recipient of the Gallery Barry Keldoulis Grant for Emerging Artists 2013, bentArt Prize winner 2011, UNSW International Exchange Scholarship 2010, and the Art and Australia Graduation Award 2009.

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6:30pm Friday 2 February 2018
Federation Square
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31 January – 22 March 2018
RMIT Bld 2, Lightwell, Bowen St, Melbourne
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31 January - 22 March 2018
RMIT Bld 94 Lv 2 Rm 2, 23-27 Cardigan St, Carlton
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